How to Extend iPad Battery Lifespan

There is huge collection of apps available at the Apple’s app store and they are really awesome too.  First you need to suggest what app needs to be installed to use live wallpapers in lollipop as you need on iOS. Just as with the iPhone and iPod the battery life of your iPad will be shorter during heavy use But by doing some little settings and configuration may increased the discharging level. However, there are some measures you can take to keep your iPad on and active for hours while having the enjoyment of apps and songs, and this post explains about How to Extend ipad Battery Lifespan.

Step 1: Turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data settings

Your iPad drains battery power when searching for and attempting to connect to the nearest Wi-Fi or cellular network tower. So if you are not interested to use the apps which always use to connect to net the turn it off.

Go to “Settings”, “WiFi option” or “Cellular”, and tap the off switch.

Step 2: Turn off Push notifications

This is step will be option for you if you are not receiving instant messages and email because pushoff use to display it again and again which drains the battery.

Go to “Settings”, “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and “Fetch New Data”. Turn off Push.

Step 3: Adjust the brightness

The brightness of screen cause a major source of battery draining. We are not saying that to put it off or very low but make is as it is best for you not the default settings. Go to “Settings”, then “Brightness & Wallpaper”. Select “Auto Brightness”, which will allow the iPad to adjust brightness depending on the brightness of your location; or Drag the slider to the left to lower the default screen brightness. 25 percent to 30 percent brightness should be sufficient for daytime use.

Step 4: Turn off the sound effects

This will be also optional for you if you are not getting the instant emails and notifications but remember sounds are the second big source to drain battery quickly. Better to adjust it to low or turn it off. Go to “Settings”, “General”, and “Sounds”. There are five different options on the equalizer to “Increase/Decrease”. Or, you can switch to “On/Off” if preferred. Obviously, disabling the lot would decrease the battery usage by sounds.

Step 5: Turn off location services

Localisation services are responsible for update of the iPad map apps. But it is depend upon you if you are frequently using the map then let it as it is but if not then turn it off . It is in Settings-> network options.

Step 6: Switch on Airplane mode

Airplane mode blocks all the wireless signal and keep your battery life. As if you wont get the good wifi or 3G network then it drains battery faster because it search more to catch a network. Turn this mode on and enjoy more battery period.

Step 7: Switch on the auto-lock feature

This is very important and you must do this . This means your iPAD screen will off after a certain duration and that causes the extra battery life. Go to “Settings”, “General”, and tap on “Auto Lock”. Set the timing as per your need (1 minute is far good).

Quick Review

  • Turn off Wi-Fi and cellular data settings.
  • Turn off Push notifications.
  • Adjust the brightness.
  • Turn off the sound effects.
  • Switch on Airplane mode.
  • Switch on the auto-lock feature.

This is all about this article hope this will help you to work more on iPAD with great battery Lifespan. Feel free to ask in form of comment and don’t forget to subscribe with us.